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Our Commitment To A Green Alaska

We use only porcelain dishware, metal cutlery, glassware.

When our company provides our Catering Platters for delivery or drop off, we work closely with Green Alaska Solutions to provide our clients with eco-friendly, compostable serve ware, dish ware, cutlery, drinking cups, napkins.

We do not use plastics or paper items, unless the client requests. Paper products are bio-degradable.

We do not throw away useable food items. We donate every scrap of food product to Anchorage Rescue Mission to help feed Anchorage's homeless folks. This has included a full wedding cake (long story, don't ask), excess prime rib, chicken cordon bleu, vegetables, fruits, etc.

When catering events at Providence Hospital, all food items from an event is packaged and donated to the Hickel House, where families of patients reside.

We are not heroes. We are just trying to do our part in helping out folks.

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