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Catering Trends

Lots of new catering trends are going on NOW! Folks are more in tune with the culinary world than 5-10 years ago.

Thank you Food Network!

Specialty menu requests are very common. Our events will typically provide gluten free and vegetarian items as well has items for the carnivore and decadent pastry lover.

About 90% of our caterings are heavy appetizers. Hosts love our 'Pick 6' menu (see 'Appetizer Events tab), as it providers their guests a wide selection of foods to choose from that will appease all guests' personal preferences. A typical appetizer event consists of a fruit and cheese platter, a vegetable choice, a poultry, a seafood and a beef, as well as a selection of desserts. This is enough food to fill up an adult male, and then some!


Nine (9) course Wine Pairing and six (6) course Beer Pairing dinners within your home are especially popular during the fall and spring months. (See 'Wine / Beer Pairings' tab).

Gather up a group of adult friends and let the fun begin! We provide the wine sommelier or brew master to give detailed history on each beverage serving. Each serving is paired with a complimenting food item. Small bites, but we will fill you up!

Needless to say, a limousine for your guests' safe return home is required.


Cooking Classes are great fun! Our most popular class is "The Art of Chocolate Truffles'. Fun idea for a bridal or baby shower, office team building, or just a fun group of friends and family! Your home or ours - but wear comfy clothes as you will get a bit messy. Appetizers and beverages are included!


If you have visiting guests, please do include our fabulous Alaskan Seafood! One of our most requested items is our presentation of Smoked Alaskan Salmon. We take a salmon, freshly smoked from Alaska Sausage Company, pipe cream cheese around it, add capers and fresh diced red onion, and garnish it with our signature red bell pepper 'flowers'. Served with fresh sliced baguettes.

Smoked Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Platter Alaska Coastal Catering, LLC

Alaskan Crab Legs Anyone??? We provide these monster with all the needed accompaniments ~ melted butter, fresh lemon wedges, crab claw crackers and picks, and loads of napkins!

Outside event? No problem! We have ice tables to keep

everything chilled and safe.

Ice Tables Alaska Coastal Catering, LLC

We provide our clients fresh 'Alaskan Grown Produce', from local farmers, when available.

We work closely with Alaska Natural Organics (ANO) with their incredibly fresh organic, hydroponic grown produce. We receive their produce within an hour of caterings. Cannot get much fresher than that!

We love their dark green butter lettuce that resembles a green rose. Sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of fresh raspberry glaze. Our clients claim it is too pretty to eat!

Alaska Natural Organics Lettuce

We also grow our own organic produce and herbs in our gardens in South Anchorage. With the long Alaskan sunshine summers (20+ hours of sunlight in June), Alaskan produce is the best, and at times the biggest!

Alaska Coastal Catering, LLC

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