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Chef Susie Linford

Corporate Chef and Managing Member of

Alaska Coastal Catering, LLC

Susie Von Willer Linford

Photo by Flash Photography 49

Coming from a large family where my Dad was a cook in the US Marines during WWII, I learned early how to organize and cook for crowds with minimal stress, and how to be innovative in not so ideal situations. I grew up in San Diego, with many years spent in Baja California. In some ways - Alaska is similar to Baja with the remoteness forcing you to think on the go and make do with what you have on hand or can easily obtain. I went from burning hot weather to freezing cold weather. It's been an adventure!

I am a proud Chickasaw Native American.

My vocation was in telecommunications where I was an Engineer with US West Telecom for many years before moving to Anchorage, Alaska in 1993. My avocation has always been in catering. 40+ years now. Whew!

During my years in Southern California, I had the pleasure of catering for the executive staffs of Disney Corporation, Warner Brothers, Prudential Commercial, Safeco, etc.

In 1993 I made the solo move to Anchorage, Alaska, in search of an adventure. I found just that!

I have brought to our Anchorage, Alaska corporate clients the organizational skills to create a stress free event that is not only elegant, but deliciously served by our professional Culinary Artists.

We pride ourselves on creating specialty menus designed with the clients' dietary requirements in mind. Gluten free and vegetarian menus are two areas where we excel. We also offer our clients full menus options which include Alaskan grown produce, fresh Alaskan seafood, poultry and meats.

We can create your perfect event up to 500 guests with our staff of 25+ Culinary Artists.

Our staff has been with us for many years. We treat our folks with respect and compensate them well for their skills and efforts. Our service is consistent.

Our staff respects our clients' privacy, therefore we do not share information of who our clients are within social media. However, we do share photos of our food items, but never say who are clients are or where we are catering.

Our company policy is to not throw out usable food product after an event. Clients are welcome to have our staff wrap up leftovers from their events for their personal use.

Food product available after the client has chosen what they would like to keep, is donated to the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission, for their use in helping to feed Anchorage's homeless population.

Upon leaving an event, our staff makes every effort to clean the areas where we have handled food and beverage items.

COO Chris Linford

Corporate CEO and Member of

Alaska Coastal Catering, LLC

Christopher Linford

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Chris is an Alaskan born and raised HVAC Mechanical Engineer (P.E.), graduate of University of Notre Dame. He comes to the catering business with great insights on the business, as he is a product of an Alaskan pioneering food industry family.

In addition to being one of the top Mechanical Engineers in Alaska, Chris also helps out with the catering business in the office handling the day to day business, as well as assisting with on-site catering set up, transportation, and maintenance of our extensive stock of catering equipment.

Our company could not exist without his guidance!

Catering Staff at Alaska Rugby Fields

Chris and the staff setting up one of two buffet stations

for a 350 guest catering at Alaska Rugby Grounds.

Oh how we do LOVE that rustic, contemporary look at caterings!

Catering Staff

Staff members completing a set up for

a holiday event of 60 guests.

Photos by Photos Arts, 2014

Summertime - Guitar

Mark Linford

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