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Weddings - we do cater weddings,
and we do it very well!


We are SO excited to serve Homer 
and surrounding communities!

From Anchorage to Girdwood to Homer  to 
Eagle River to Matanuska Valley - Our Staff o f Culinary Artists Will Create Your Dreams Into Reality!

Let's Start with Weddings Outside The Anchorage Bowl Area:  

Our staff has the capability to travel by the road system, throughout South Central Alaska.   
  1. For events outside the Anchorage Bowl, a mileage charge of 55 cents per mile / per vehicle will be invoiced.  A minimal amount of vehicles will be scheduled.
  2. Events on the Kenai Peninsula are considered over night events. With chronic road closures on the Seward and Sterling Highways, our staff will travel the day before your event.  Return to Anchorage the day after your event.  Accommodations for the two nights will be required and invoiced to the client. 
  3. Out of area weddings which incur additional equipment rentals - the client will be invoiced for the rental items.    
  4. Local borough sales taxes may be required.   The taxes will be passed along to the client.


And Onto Basic Wedding Planning Advice
(We cater for traditional weddings as well as LGBTQ+ weddings)

Wedding Bookings
Congratulations to you and your significant other!  How exciting!
Now that you are engaged, you need to take care of a few important details ASAP.  

First - hire a reputable wedding planner

We are not talking about your best friend, sister, etc.   We are talking about someone who is a professional and knows all aspects in how to coordinate the perfect wedding in Alaska.  A professional will save you time, money and major headaches.  Besides - don't you want you besties to enjoy your day with you and not be in work mode???

We have a great working relationship with (in alphabetical order): 

  • Carol Norton with Encore Events (907.602.0028)
  • Lorrel David with I Do Events (907.360.5787)
  • Rebecca Kouperud with LaBoum Events (907.952.5982)
  • Saige Stefanski with A Touch of Saige (907.841.4824)

All are excellent choices for a professional planner who understands - it's yours and your future spouse's day!

Select a Wedding Date

Take in consideration what time of year you are getting married. May through early September is typically 'wedding season' in Alaska.  Venues and vendors tend to book 
up a year or two in advance.  
Be flexible on your date during the critical planning stage.

Wedding season, so to speak, in Alaska coincides with tourist season.   If you live in Alaska, no doubt you have noticed rates for airfare, hotels, car rentals and dining out skyrocket during the late spring through early autumn months.  

Best weather months are mid May through end of June.  But still a guesstimate.   It could be 80F or raining sideways and 50F in Anchorage    Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Think outside the box!  Have a December wedding.  Most venues are decorated for the holidays, so you save a lot of money & labor on decorations!!  However - will out of state guests travel to Alaska during the holiday season for your wedding?

Speaking of decorations - you are getting married in Alaska because it is a magical place.  Enjoy the scenery and keep the decorations to a minimum.  What goes up must come down the same day.  And that is tough when you're exhausted.

Select a Venue

Select your venue , get a deposit down and a contract signed.  This is the foundation for your event.

South Central Alaska has some amazing venues.  You are no longer tied to the traditional hotels.  Be creative!   

If its flat, you can tent it and make it your own (Over The Top Tents in Eagle River have great tents).  

An empty commercial building (restaurant, car dealership, etc.).  Look into renting it for a couple of days.

Remote Lodges, B&B's, Golf Course Clubhouses, Large Estates, Barns, etc. 

Ensure you are renting a space that will accommodate your guest comfortably.   Have plenty of parking.  Handicapped access for special need guests; bathroom facilities; sound system; catering kitchen is helpful; can you have early access to set up and late end of event time to clean up?  Does the venue include tables, chairs, bar, refrigeration, warming ovens, etc.?  Ask exactly what the venue is charging for.  Some venues will charge for every table and chair you use - this adds up quickly.  

Read that contract, and it is always a good idea to have the family lawyer take a look at it as well.  (Charles Kasmar with Kasmar & Slone Attorneys is experienced in reading and interpreting venue contracts  907.272.4471)

Take a good look at the neighborhood where your event is being held.  Does the event have on site parking, so you are not parking and blocking residential areas?   What about regulations about loud noise?  Most locations in Alaska do not allow loud noise after 10PM.  That is important to know if you are planning an outdoor wedding that will start late.  You are going to run into trouble if your guests are loud.


The next stop is selecting a caterer.   In most cases, the food and beverages will be the most expensive part of your wedding budget.  This is especially true in Alaska where food pricing is expensive across the board.

"We are in Alaska!  Then let's use our sport caught 
fish and/or game! " 

Uhhhh ... not so fast.  There are laws that may prevent this.  

The caterer may also reject this idea as they have not had 100% control of the food product and it may be subject to contamination.  Proper food temperature, packaging, etc., are critical to protect everyone's health and safety.  If your caterer agrees to prepare your sport caught fish or game, no doubt they will ask you to sign a waiver of liability.

The caterer cannot legally charge you for the sport caught fish or game product.  They can only charge you for the labor involved during the preparation of the product.  It's all a grey area that many caterers prefer not to go into.
What type of food do you and your significant other prefer?  What type of service - Buffet or Butler Served?  Any special dietary issues your caterer needs to know about?

Kids under the age of 12 attending your event?  Let your caterer know.  (You may want to hire a teenage baby sitter for the event so the guests may enjoy themselves.)

Do you want bar services?  Beer & wine only?  Or a full bar?  Our company has an agreement with a local restaurant which provides full or partial bar services.  This is under a separate contract. 

In most cases, the caterer will have you sign a contract, or perform under an invoice agreement, and request a non refundable deposit to hold the date.  The menus, guest count, etc., will be worked out as you get closer to your event date.

Photographer, Entertainment (DJ or Band), Florals,  Transportation & Accommodations

These are very important vendors that need to be contacted and their services confirmed.  

Again - hire a professional and save yourself a lot of headaches and typically - additional expenses.  You do not want to make bridal bouquets on the morning of your wedding (very stressful).  You do not want your lifetime memories left to a friend of a friend who took an online photography course.  



~ Recent Weddings of 2017 ~

Gloryview Farm, Knik, Alaska

Crow Creek Mine, Girdwood, Alaska

Kincaid Chalet, Anchorage, Alaska

 A Groom Who Can Bake!  
This talented fellow made the wedding cake of French Croquembouche 

Sesame Roasted Organic Root Vegetables with Artichoke and Asparagus

Grilled Chicken Breast in Lemon Caper Butter Sauce with Gorgonzola Risotto, Parmesan 'Cookie' Garnish and Fresh Asparagus

Beef Filet Mignon with Jumbo Grilled Prawn, 
Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Asparagus

Dinner buffets start at $45.00 per person, plus a 20% service fee, and includes white porcelain dishware, metal cutlery, water glassware, and paper napkins.  Additional fees may apply for guest tablecloths, bar glassware, tables and chairs, raised stages, portable bars, pipe and drape, etc.

Butler served dinners are also available for an additional fee

Salad Caprese Bar.  
Fresh Caprese made to order with organic heirloom 
tomatoes from Northern Flowers, Anchorage, Alaska  

8' Tall Fruit Sculptures on 
Whiskey Barrels

Your first stop in planning your wedding is to hire a professional Wedding Planner!!!  We cannot stress how important this is.  A wedding planner has the experience to work with your vendors (catering, venues, photographers, music, etc.), secure dates, best pricing, provide the best recommendation on services, etc.  Think of your wedding as a Broadway Theatre Show.  It would be a total mess without a Director who holds everything together and coordinates the show.  Your wedding planner is that person.

Select a wedding planner who is a professional with referrals that you can actually talk with.  This is not a time to have your cousin or a friend of a friend who saw a TV show on weddings, to handle your big day.

After hiring a professional wedding planner - they will help you secure (deposit and contract signed) your venue.  
Visit our 'Venues' page for suggestions.  
Plan on $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 for your venue rental price. 

Your second stop is securing a caterer.  We will need to know your date - to check our availability - and your location.  A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date.  The balance due (minus the initial deposit) is expected fourteen (14) days prior to your reception date.  Final guest count and menus are due at this time. Please remember - you do not have a caterer until your deposit is received and the date / location has been confirmed

Wedding events during the May 15 - September 15 summer season, and November 15 - January 15 holiday season, should be booked one year in advance.  This is true for any caterer you may choose, as we are all busy during those time frames.

You need to think about entertainment, floral, photography, transportation, decorations, etc.

Our most favorite wedding photographers are 
Joe Connolly with Chugach Peaks Photography (907.301.9400) and Rob Stapleton with AlaskaFoto (907.230.9425)

Our most favorite DJ is Lou & Evelyn with 
R&R Productions (907.373.7750)

Florist?  The best in South Central Alaska are Bagoys (907.522.1922). and Anchorage Floral (907.243.1000)

Wedding Cakes?  We suggest Celestial Sweets, Cakes by Ardi.  For a more casual wedding - try the local grocery store bakeries (Carr's or Fred Meyers).

Menu Suggestions - please view our 'Appetizer Events' page for casual event ideas; and our 'Dinner" page for formal events.  

We can prepare any item you wish, as long as it is available in Anchorage, Alaska.

That being said, we do charge more for weddings due to the increase in staff labor involved. 

A typical corporate event is four (4) hours in duration, with two (2) hours set up time and one (1) hour dismantle time. 

Weddings can be up to twelve to sixteen hours in duration.  
Meetings prior to the wedding are also additional labor. 

Please call our office and we will be happy to provide you with suggestions and a quotation.

Please note - we cannot prepare sport caught fish or game.  This is illegal, and we do not control of the proper handling 
of the food items before reaching us.  
Therefore, we cannot ensure the food is safe to consume.

Please feel free to contact our office and we will be more than pleased to assist you with any questions you may have.

Cheers and Congratulations!

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