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Breakfast and Brunch

Sample Menus:

$25.00 Per Guest
20% Service Fee, If Our Staff Stays With The Event.  
Service Fee Waived If Drop Off / Pick Up.

24 Hours MINIMUM Notice Required, as our staff shops for the freshest ingredients when we receive your order.  Payment is expected at time of ordering.  We accept all major credit cards, local bank checks and cash as means of payment. 

Pricing Includes White Porcelain Dishware, Metal Cutlery, Napkins, Buffet Tablecloth; Staff to Deliver & Set Up;  
Take Home Boxes for Leftovers 
(Our liability ends when our staff leaves the premises.  Client assumes all liability for food safety on any food items taken after the event.  Any unwanted food items are donated to Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission to help fee Anchorage's homeless folks.)

Beverages are Optional.  $2.50 Per Guest.  Your Choice Of:
Orange, Apple, Cranberry or Tomato Juice
Bottled Waters
Sparkling Flavored Waters
2% Milk
Coffee & Tea Service


Breakfast #1

Frittatas - Personal sized 4" Frittatas:  Salmon, Ham, Vegetable, or Shredded Chicken.  
                               (Single Choice or Combo of Two Flavors)

Fresh Seasonal Organic Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter
Grilled Reindeer Sausages with Dipping Sauces

Reindeer Sauages
Breakfast Potatoes Roasted in Sesame Oil

Breakfast 2
Assorted Pastries

Breakfast Pastries


Breakfast #2

Egg Scramble with (choose two ingredients):
Shredded Chicken
Shredded Beef
Smoked Salmon
Fresh Organic Vegetables
                               Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese

Scrambled Eggs
Fresh Organic Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter 20
Chai Tea Banana Bread with Butter Pats
 (photo unavailable)

Crisp Bacon

Breakfast Potatoes

Breakfast 2


Breakfast #3

Assorted Waffles - Buttermilk, Poppyseed, Blueberry 
with Butter Pats and Syrup

Fresh Organic Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter 20
Crisp Bacon or Grilled Reindeer Sausage

BaconReindeer Sauages

 Egg Scramble  (choose two ingredients):
Shredded Chicken
                                             Shredded Beef
                                           Smoked Salmon
                                  Fresh Organic Vegetables
                             Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese

Scrambled Eggs

These are a few suggestions.  
Please do not hesitate to ask if you do not 
see above, what you and your guests prefer.

Summertime - Guitar
Mark Linford
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